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Baby Treasure's Diaper Cakes

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Diaper Cakes

Baby Treasure's Diaper Cakes mission is to provide each customer with an opportunity to surprise the mother-to-be with one of the most unique baby shower gift, a Diaper Cake.  ​​

For the first three years of a child's life, diapers and formula are the two largest expenses when raising a child.  A mother will go through more than 3,500 diapers a year.  So diapers are always a welcomed gift to most mothers. 

Diaper cakes are made from diapers and other baby items that are necessary for baby's arrival.  It's not just a great idea it's also a very practical gift.  All items included in our diaper cakes are essential and all of them are going to be used.  Browse the web site  for your special baby gift.  You can always count on high quality and original design ideas.  All design ideas  on this site are generated and only available at Baby Treasure's Diaper Cakes. We specialize in hand made unique designs, which are going to make your baby shower special and unique. 

 All gifts can be customized for every occasion and cakes come in 1, 2, 3, or 4 tiers. 

**Note to consumer:  Items on cake may vary slightly based on availability.